A gifting movement

supporting you during life’s

changes & challenges.

A B.OK Box will guide the recipient over 63 days with a surprise envelope to open every 7-14 days containing a new gift and concept. Each recipient will build resilience and personal strength through wellness techniques and healing items.

A gifting movement to support people during the changes of life.

Each B.OK Box contains practical methods and healing items to work towards a balanced lifestyle. With an envelope to open every 7-14 days, each recipient will be guided through mindfulness, meditation and self-care to build resilience and personal strength.

$3,100 + 

donated to our mental health charity

460+ people

completed the B.OK journey

13+ corporates

are a part of our Workplace Wellness initiatives 

From the BLOG

Gone are the days of sending flowers and chocolates. With progressive patterns showing individuals and workplaces want to offer lasting and useful methods of support; to help build resilience, awareness of self-worth and strength.

Are you looking for a guided support to build essential life skills over a 63 day period?



I have been living abroad for 2 years and received a B.OK Box from 3 of my friends from home because they knew I was feeling home sick. When I received the B.OK Box and read through the personalized letter from my friends I couldn’t stop crying tears of joy. It felt as though everything was put together so perfectly just for me. Erin, New Zealand

I received a B.OK Box from my mum during exam period as she wasn’t physically with me but wanted to support. I was so excited to have an envelope to open every 7-14 days with the B.OK advent envelopes. It was such a simple way to remind me to practice self-care during such a busy period in my life and a great way for me to know my parents were supporting me from a far. Samantha, Brisbane

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