B.OK Workplace Event

Unboxing possibilities to inspire purpose and productivity

We are changing the space of events in the workplace to help educate and inspire employees, clients and other stakeholders with our customised experiential and interactive events. How?

We work with you to create a lasting experience in the workplace, combining your current HR strategies and internal objectives and our mission of supporting others to lead a happier and healthier life.

Positivity station

• Positivity Corner: a chance for attendees to write down happy moments on sticky notes and we will collage them to showcase in the office.

• Wish it box: attendees write down the changes they wish to see in the workplace. This anonymous feedback is invaluable for employers, all of the data will be collated and sent to you.

• Temporary tattoos with positive affirmations: focuses on the positive affirmation whilst also reiterating the temporary tattoo will fade in time, just as tough times will.

• Massages: helping each employee relax and open to possibilities after a 5 minute massage each.

Panel Speakers

We have a selection of experience and influential experts in the areas of health, wellness, mental health, happiness and more.

Hosting a B.OK Workplace Wellness Event will give you access to our experts in the fields of happiness, mental health, mindfulness, support, goal setting, fitness and more to speak and inspire at your next event – for example Dr Happy from the Happiness Institute

B.OK Boxes

Our B.OK Boxes offer just over 2 months of support and is the perfect addition to any event as a gift for the attendees. A chance for them to practise what they have learnt during the event and continue to build on skills individually or amongst colleagues after the event. Incorporate the B.OK Boxes into an accountability buddy system or just inspire a healthy work life balance.

Pricing and packages are determined by:

• Number of attendees
• Total duration of the event
• Location of the event
• Modules selected


The content, activities and education piece for each event can be customised to suit your audience and occasion.


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