My name is Kietah Martens-Shaw and I am the CEO & Founder of B.OKideas. Thank you for taking the time to read and visit our platform, it has been created just for you! To help you support others to embrace personal and professional change. We offer a number of community and workplace initiatives to inspire, educate and excite people about achieving holistic wellness and overcome physical, emotional and mental challenges in life.

I was inspired to start B.OK after personally experiencing a challenge with my health when I was given the news I needed an operation to remove cancerous cells from my cervics. Not part of my plan at the age of 22 I was hurled into an unknown world which became my reality for the next 4 years. Following my first surgery I was in hospital with kidney problems and soon after facing my second cervical cancer surgery in 2017.

I considered myself a strong, independent young woman but my strength and determination to continue was being tested…

Following my second surgery I fell into a depression. Not a day would go by without crying, feeling lonely, lost and completely incapable of doing any normal day to day activities. For those around me it was daunting to see the extraverted, energetic and sporty young girl fade and fall into a heap. In most cases they didn’t know what to say, what to do or how to help. Flowers and chocolates were the common gift of choice – chocolates I couldn’t eat and flowers were difficult for me to find the energy to dispose of them and therefore I ended up being surrounded by dead flowers.

It was in this place that I found a glimpse of purpose and hope with the thought of helping ensure others don’t feel the same way I did.

By creating a gift that you can send to and from anywhere in the world + provide lasting and long term support. A B.OK Box is filled with the latest tips, tools and techniques for people to embrace change for the positive.

The box is filled with useful gifts and weekly surprise envelopes which guides the recipient over 2 months with a new gift to explore in each envelope, along with content to support positive growth. By sending a B.OK Box you are enabling someone you care about to take charge of their own positive change and show how self-care, goal-setting, sleep and more can improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Since launching the B.OK Box its purpose has grown, providing a gesture of support during challenges and also a chance to congratulate, thank or reward individuals for any personal or professional achievements.

Many people have taken the time to ask and listen to others about what they are going through but they are then left asking themselves, now what…?

The need for a gift like this is highlighted in that we have the support of people such as Tim Sharp (Dr Happy, from the Happiness Institute), Dr Mark Levi, Sleep expert and more to collaborate and contribute to the B.OK Box content and support other initiatives.

During my challenges I personally had little to no support in the workplace which drives my mission to increase the awareness around our B.OK workplace wellness initiatives; B.OK Boxes, experiential events and speaking opportunities.

The B.OK offering continues to grow, evolve and support others all around the world, follow along to be a part of the fastest growing platform to help you, support others to embrace personal and professional change.

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a community that is open and supportive to share and learn about personal and professional changes of life?

B.OK Buddy Community : I was inspired to start an online community that people all around the world can connect to share changes, challenges, advice and guidance to help normalise the events of life. We have over 400 members in the Facebook Community who are engaged and motivated to support others and to ask for help or advice where guidance is needed.

Asking for help is hard and that is what the B.OK Buddy Community can help with, to take that first step and ask questions or verbalise feelings with an open and supportive community of people. Support for the people, by the people – something my 22 year old self needed.

Most people are in the office 5 days out of 7 per week and therefore spend more time with colleagues than some loved ones… but for some reason we do not connect with our workplace on the level we should which would help us enjoy and make the most of the workplace community and support.

Workplace Wellness Initiatives: We will help you engage and educate your workplace through positivity stations, expert speakers, real stories and customising the theme to suit your in-house strategies.


Always here,

Kietah Martens-Shaw

CEO & Founder of B.OKideas | Speaker for causes | For-Purpose Event Manager