Custom B.OK Box

Customise your own B.OK Box journey for yourself, friends, family, colleagues or husband or wife to be. You can now tailor your box to include gifts of your choosing and personalise up to 5 envelopes inside to be about any topic, message or idea. 
Custom Box Ideas:
  • Engagement, wedding day or newlyweds
  • New baby
  • Special birthdays
  • Anniversary
  • New job/promotion
  • Moving abroad
  • Retirement
  • Starting/graduating university
What do you want inside your Custom B.OK Box?
  • Tropical coconut scented candle
  • Positive affirmation socks
  • B.OK essential oils
  • B.OK hand cream
  • Wellness soak (epsom bath salts)
  • Origami Pack
  • Sunflower seeds
  • plus many more!
Include B.OK products or choose your own favourite gifts to include that will bring excitement and happiness from Day 1.
Just send us an email with your preferences via the link above.
I made a custom B.OK Box for my bride to be so that she had some personalised envelopes to open the night before the wedding, the morning of the wedding and just before she walked down the aisle. The B.OK team was so helpful with their input and ideas to make the content beautiful and the message special. I included some of her favourite items and things I thought would be handy in the lead up to her walking down the aisle.
Graeme, Sydney
I customised a B.OK Box to meet the marketing budget and was able to customise the product inclusions and the journey to send a special gift to our clients. It was the best thank you present they had ever received and was surprisingly easy to organise with the little time that I had.
Katie, Melbourne