Life is full of ups and downs and some of us are experiencing the waves of life now more than ever. It is during these times we need to help remind each other we are not alone and make it clear that those you care about are valued and know they are important.

Sending a simple gesture can have this exact impact on our friends, family, neighbours, colleagues. clients etc.  So often we value those around us but very rarely verbalise or express our feelings.

Whether someone is going through financial hardships, job changes, home sick, a break up, loss or having one of those days/weeks we have put together this simple list of gift ideas to make supporting those you care about a little easier. 

What to think about before choosing a gift:

  • Budget: You probably have a budget in mind so always remember to keep something aside for delivery.
  • Think practical: we all know the best gifts are those that we actually use and can engage our senses. Not only is this more enjoyable but it will also help occupy the brain and add value to their routine.
  • Research: have a think about the recipient and what they might actually like and enjoy receiving, ask someone they live with, work with or are close to and get advice. Always helpful to read blogs and articles like this to get the ideas flowing.

Your next thoughtful gift idea starts here:

  • Candles – we all need a little light in life
  • Relaxing experiences – massage, pamper session
  • Positivity Cards
  • Subscription – check out their favourite magazine or Disney/Netflix
  • A book – simply jump onto any online bookstore to send a surprise read to their doorstep
  • A Plant
  • A Stress Ball 
  • Artwork or homewares – add a touch of colour to their home and surroundings
  • Personalise a wall hanging with their star sign overview or a sketch of their favourite animal
  • Photo album/frame
  • Weighted blanket
  • Fun socks
  • Food Delivery
  • Tea’s 

These are just a few of our favourites and hope they help with some thought starters for next time you want to gift someone around you.

Happy Gifting 🙂

Always here,