B.OK Box for Men


Actions speak louder than words + actions can lead to words. That is why we have created a B.OK Box for men to specifically and strategically reach out during changes and challenges in life and provide points of conversation around goal setting, practice, sleep and more. 

Read below to find out what is included in the B.OK Box for Men and how they will have over 2 months of guided support.



  • Shaving Cream
  • Shaving Brush
  • Stress Ball
  • Personalised letter
  • B.OK Tropical Coconut Candle
  • Wellness Soak
  • B.OK Positivity Socks
  • Origami Pack
  • Heat/Cold Pack
  • Weekly surprise envelopes with a new gift, quote and concept to explore. We have kept the envelope gift and messages a surprise to help you make the most of your B.OK Journey and enjoy being guided through achievements, goal setting, positive routine and more.

I couldn’t believe the amount of things that the box was filled with and the detail to help guys like me realise self-care isn’t just bath bombs and girly stuff. I have enjoyed the B.OK Journey and opening the envelopes to work through different ideas of personal strength and achievements, it has helped my with my goals and motivation.

Mason, Sydney

Please note that some items may vary depending on stock levels. For further information email smile@bokideas.com