B.OK Box for Women


Gone are the days of chocolates and flowers - now you can unbox your possibilities for the next 2 months and beyond!

Each recipient of a B.OK Box will feel the power of support from the minute they open the box. The recipient will receive the latest tools to help build a balanced lifestyle and positive mindset, with weekly surprise envelopes to open and explore. 



  • Tropical Coconut scented candle
  • Affirmation Socks
  • B.OK Bliss Essence, essential oil
  • B.OK Hand Cream
  • Wellness Soak (epsom bath salts)
  • Origami Pack
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Puzzle
  • Lush Cosmetics surprise gift
  • A bonus ‘pass on’ method to express unconditional support
  • Weekly surprise envelopes with a new gift, quote and concept to explore. We have kept the envelope gift and messages a surprise to help you make the most of your B.OK Journey and enjoy being guided through mindfulness, self-care, positive routine and more. 

Here to help you accept and enjoy the changes and challenges of life by building resilience.

I received a B.OK Box from my girlfriends back home and it felt like a hug in a box with so much love and thought. I loved the personalised letter they all wrote to me, it completed the box perfectly. I was so impressed by the idea of having a new gift to open every week, I look forward to opening them every week.

Justine, Canada

My best friend sent me a B.OK box all the way to me in the USA and it is such a perfect gift. I have it on display on my mantel and have told so many friends about it. The content are clearly so well thought out and put together. The essential oil is my favorite and the little envelopes really help and inspire me on a daily basis.
Thank you for creating such a beautiful concept and I hope everyone, having a hard time or not, can experience the wonderful gift of receiving a box xx

Tamara, USA

The B.OK Box for Women is the perfect way to show a friend or relative your support. The box consisted of several letters encouraging positive thinking and mindfulness, as well as other products like a Lush bath bomb, soaking epsom salts and essential oil to inspire wellness and balance. This is the gift that keeps on giving and a really nice way to show someone important to you that they are loved and supported.

Anese, Australia

Please note that some items may vary depending on stock levels. For further information email smile@bokideas.com