B.OK Box for Women


Gone are the days of chocolates and flowers - now you can unbox your possibilities for the next 2 months and beyond!

Each recipient of a B.OK Box will feel the power of support from the minute they open the box. The recipient will receive the latest seasonal tools to help build a balanced lifestyle and positive mindset, with weekly surprise envelopes to open and explore. 

Reminder: with your purchase you are helping more than just the recipient, with 1% of all proceeds going to our mental health charity partner.



  • Tropical Coconut scented candle
  • Affirmation Socks
  • B.OK Bliss Essence, essential oil
  • B.OK Hand Cream
  • Wellness Soak (epsom bath salts)
  • Origami Pack
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Puzzle
  • Lush Cosmetics surprise gift
  • A bonus ‘pass on’ method to express unconditional support
  • Weekly surprise envelopes with a new gift, quote and concept to explore. We have kept the envelope gift and messages a surprise to help you make the most of your B.OK Journey and enjoy being guided through mindfulness, self-care, positive routine and more. 

Here to help you accept and enjoy the changes and challenges of life by building resilience.

I received a B.OK Box from my girlfriends back home and it felt like a hug in a box with so much love and thought. I loved the personalised letter they all wrote to me, it completed the box perfectly. I was so impressed by the idea of having a new gift to open every week, I look forward to opening them every week.

Justine, Canada