This month we have been focusing on mental health in alignment with World Mental Health Month. We have been taking the opportunity to educate our community around how they think about mental health, what it means and how it affects lives, regardless of whether we have personally experienced it or not. There are many ways in which we can tune into ourselves to not only better understand our own mental health and wellbeing but also the wellbeing of those around us.

The following suggestions are small practises that we can implement into our daily lives that can make it easier for us to recognise how we’re feeling and effectively tune in, to understand our minds and bodies a little better moving forward. And yes, they are practises, which means, yes, they take practise.

Tune in to yourself, be present!

WHY it’s important to be present

You allow time to slow down and allow your mind to process, expand your perspective and gain clarity. Once you have this change of pace and become present we have a chance to understand, react and reflect upon how we’re feeling in the moment.

WHY you should listen to your body

Your body knows you best and it’s powerful when we tune in with our intuition. It can be challenging to trust and listen to your own intuition and gut feeling but to work on this can lead to huge personal growth and allow your mental and physical state to connect.

    A couple ways to practise being present:

    Meditation: Choose a time of day that you can put aside to meditate. Routine can help here, so if you can stick to this same time each day. Our favourite time is first thing in the morning, other times could be on your lunch break, after work or as you’re going to bed – work it in to suit your schedule and lifestyle.

    Reflection: Reflection has huge benefits when it comes to increasing self awareness. It allows you to feel gratitude, think about how things really made you feel and appreciate the little things that may have occurred throughout the day.

    Where ever you start, start small! Don’t think you need to make big changes every day, start with little things once a week and set achievable intentions (before each activity you undertake).

       Tune in to your senses, how do you feel, what can you sense?


      A couple of tips when learning to tune into your senses:

      Check in with yourself: Each morning when you wake, instead of reaching for your phone or running straight to the shower, ask yourself, how did you sleep? How do you feel, both physically and mentally? What do you sense? Don’t push yourself to do something it may not be ready for, just ask yourself.

      Scents: There are certain scents that can give off a calming aura. Whether its proven to have calming elements or its just a fave scent of yours, filling a room with it is sure to calm the vibe. A couple of our favourites areLavender Essential Oils or a Coconut Lime candle.

      So we have touched upon some of the themes of this year’s World Mental Health Month but would encourage you to read more and learn about the other areas we can tune into. HERE is the link to the Tune in campaign to read and understand how we can all play our part.

      Always here,