Wellness Gifts

Prior to now, flowers and chocolates were the gift of choice to send employees when they are going through a change or challenge.

How to surprise and support in your workplace?
1) Boxes on hand: simply order a small quantity of B.OK boxes monthly/quarterly (as you need) so that they have them on hand to give throughout the year.
2) Alternative to chocolates & flowers: Gifts to congratulate, thank or offer support during sick leave, mental health leave, carers leave, maternity leave and other changes or challenges.
3) Special Occassion: Are the executive team getting together, work conference, world mental health day – what is your next workplace event?
HOW DO B.OK BOXES SUPPORT THE RECIPIENT   Each recipient is given 8+ items to explore and weekly surprise envelopes to open. The recipient will be guided through the envelopes with new gifts to open and concepts to work through to help with a positive mindset, build resilience and personal strength.
CUSTOMISE & PERSONALISE    Every business, team or client is unique and that is why we have made our B.OK Boxes customisable and incorporated personalization in the below areas:
• Pick and choose what is ‘inside the box’ to meet the budget requirements and team objectives
• Male/Female/Unisex B.OK Box options
• Seal each box with a personalised letter from you and the team
• Include your logo on the personalised letter
• Use business stickers or other collateral you would like to include inside the box

Order B.OK Boxes

Surprise and support in your workplace.

Workplace Wellness Events

Engage, educate and inform through our customised experiential events

The top five stress symptoms causing missed work days are constant fatigue (29%); sleeplessness (26%); aches and pains (24%); high anxiety (23%) and weight gain (18%). Would you like to provide your employees with a guided and practical journey to working on these areas?