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Workplace Wellness Events

Engage, educate and inform your employees through our customised experiential events

“We order B.OK Boxes for each of our induction days to welcome new employees to the team. It has helped us convey the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance from day 1”

Hospitality Client

Prior to now, flowers and chocolates were the gift of choice to send employees when they are going through a change or challenge.

HOW DO WE SUPPORT YOU?While you are busy running the business we are preparing for when you need help to:
1) Support and reach out to employees during busy periods, congratulations, on boarding, stress leave, sick leave, carers leave, mental health leave and more.
2) Maintain and improve client relationships by thanking them with a quality and lasting impression.

HOW DO B.OK BOXES SUPPORT THE RECIPIENTEach recipient is given 8+ items to explore and weekly surprise envelopes to open. The recipient will be guided through the envelopes with new gifts to open and concepts to work through to help with a positive mindset, build resilience and personal strength.

CUSTOMISE & PERSONALISEEvery business, team or client is unique and that is why we have made our B.OK Boxes customisable and incorporated personalization in the below areas:
• Pick and choose what is ‘inside the box’ to meet price and other requirements
• Male/Female/Unisex B.OK Box options
• Seal each box with a personalised letter from you and the team
• Include your logo on the personalised letter
• Use business stickers or other collateral you would like to include inside the box

Package options available with our B.OK Workplace Event options



We have been able to support employees with confidence during tough times. We always felt flowers and other support methods were never enough during these times. We are so thankful to be able to order boxes easily and customise accordingly for our employees and clients.

HR Manager, Melbourne

I received a B.OK Box for Christmas as a client gift and was really impressed with the thought and detail that has gone into the B.OK journey and each of the weekly surprise envelopes. We are now using the B.OK Boxes to support our employees and clients.

Head of People & Culture, Sydney

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